•  Value estimation of properties  (villas, apartments, PPE, residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, vacant land, etc.).

My brother wants to buy my share of the property we inherited. What is the value of my part? I own a land that is not built and has development potential.  What can I build on it? What is its value? In the case of a separation, my husband wants to keep our PPE apartment.  At what price should he buy my part?

• Value estimation of real rights (prohibition / restriction of building rights, build easements, rights of way, etc.).

The potential of my land is limited by a restriction of building rights. How much should I pay to my neighbour to write off his right? I would like to extend a right of way to join my property. What price should I offer to the other beneficiaries?

• Advice and assistance for purchasing or selling a property.

I would like to buy a villa. Is the annouced price relevant? I wish to sell my appartment without any broker. Can you help me to define a selling price?

• Advice  for the creation and management of PPE buildings.

We inherited the family house and we want to transform it into a PPE for our own use. Can you assist us in determining the relevant quota? For the purpose of sharing, can you estimate the value of the different shares after the creation of the PPE?

• Various real estate advice.

Estimation of rental values.

• Real estate appraisal training.

Intervention at seminars, etc. Timely support for studies or real estate projects of any type.

We charge our work on an hourly basis of fr. 150.- to fr- 200.-.

In any case, a detailed estimation of our work will be sent free of charge and without obligation.

Our offer depends on the estimated time for the preparation of the report and, of course, on the type of report selected. Thus, depending on your needs, a complete appraisal report will cost you significantly more than a simple advice on the property.

For information purpose, you will find below a few illustrative examples of our costs:

• Property advice for a standard villa with no residual  construction potential: fr. 1’500.- to  fr. 2’000.- HT

• Appraisal report for a standard villa with no residual  construction potential: fr. 2’800.- to  fr. 3’200.- HT

• Property advice for the establishment of an appartment rental value: fr. 1’300.- to  fr. 1’800.- HT

•  Appraisal report for a small rental property with no residual  construction potential: fr. 2’800.- to  fr. 3’200.- HT

Note: the analysis of the residual potential of a property has to be studied case by case. A specific quote for this property should be therefore established.

In this case, we generally grant a discount of 10-15% of the amount mentioned in our estimates.

Yes, this is a situation that we encounter frequently. We are listening to your personal situation and we can transmit you a value very quickly under the form of an advice report.

The required documents might vary depending on the type of property. Generally, these are the following documents:

Valuation of a building or a villa:

• Land registry extract (extrait du registre foncier)

• Insurance document of the building with the detailed volume (police ECA) Valuation of a “ lot PPE “

• Land registery extract (extrait du registre foncier)

• If available, insurance document of the building with the detailed volume (police ECA)

• If available, plan of the “lot PPE” Valuation of an undeveloped land

• Land registery extract (extrait du registre foncier) Do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble to find these documents.

We might later ask you complementary documents if you accept our offer.

The time required might vary depending on the selected type of report and your situation.

An advice on the property can be established very quickly. A complete appraisal report will require a little more time because it requires a more substantial analysis. Generally, it takes a period of:

• A week after the visit for an advice

• Two to three weeks for a full report

However, we remain attentive to your needs and can deliver you our reports more quickly if necessary.

An appraisal report is an in depth analysis detailing the value of the property. This is a standard appraisal report generally consisting in about ten pages + annexes, describing the property, its physical and legal environment, including a description of the analytical approach and the calculations leading to the market value.

A property advice is a more concise report allowing you to quickly obtain an approximation of the value of the property. It is delivered under the form of a letter from two to three pages summarizing the main features of the property and indicating its market value. This document can not be considered as an appraisal report but can be converted in a second time if necessary.

Our office is located on the route de Neuchâtel 8, 1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne, between Liddle and Denner /Outlet Migros shops within de building with the Model Packshop logo.

We remain at your disposal for further information by phone at 021.647.59.60 or email.