How we work, step by step:

1. The budget

Based on a preliminary review of basic documents, we offer you a free estimate of our fees with no obligation.

The documents you will be requested to provide for this step are:

  • the land registry extract (extrait du registre foncier) – including PPE (condominium ownership) pages, if any
  • a plan of the plot, showing the boundaries
  • a copy of the insurance documents (police ECA) for all buildings
  • For PPE work, a plan highlighting which condominiums are involved
  • current tenancy arrangements, if any

*Duration: one to two working days after receiving the necessary documents.

2. Site visit

Upon acceptance of our quote, we will contact you to arrange a site visit.

This step is essential for us to get a good sense of the property to be valued, and understand local factors that may bear on the valuation. A photographic record will be made during the visit.

Some additional documents will be required from you at this time, depending on the type of property, in order to complete the file and proceed with the work

*Duration: one to two hours on site for a standard property.

3. Analysis and production of report

Our analysis is based on the documents that have been provided, the findings of the visit, as well as information that we have collected from different sources.

We can conduct a large range of valuation types, including market value, intrinsic value, yield value, DCF value, condominium (PPE) value, value per square meter, and residual value depending on the type of property.

The format of the report and type of analysis depends on the type of property and your requirements.

*Duration: one to three weeks depending on the choosen report and on your requirements.

*The duration of our work is only an indication. It can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the property to estimate, the type of report requested and our workload. In any case, we take into account your situation in order to satisfy you the better way.